20 years ago, another Kentucky school was attacked

Grant SmithJan 26, 2018

Now Thomas is ready - along with survivors of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Colorado - to embrace the students of Marshall County and their families during the hard months and years ahead. Three girls were killed.

Caporali was eating breakfast when she heard a shot, turned and saw the teenager with the gun.

"I thought this can't be true", Ellegood told CNN affiliate WPSD. "Tonight, we're going to do it on a Tuesday night, when we need him [God] the most and when our community needs it the most".

"It definitely does hit close to home. I'm honestly still in shock". Another teenage student, Preston Cope, died at the hospital from injuries suffered from the shooting.

The suspect has been charged with two counts of murder and he was also expected to be charged with counts of first-degree assault, officials said.

Authorities have not provided a possible motive. The students of the high school in nearby Draffenville were transported to the middle school to be picked up by family members after a shooting at the high school.

"While there are parents choosing caskets and deciding what to bury their children in, perhaps we can lay down the political push until that has happened", York said.

Police say they've secured the Kentucky high school where one person was killed and several others wounded in a shooting there.

After school dismissed for the day, comments about the specific threat to the school began to circulate Wednesday evening and the news release stated that they were only rumors.

Before Columbine, Smallwood said schools felt safe. Both were 15 years old.

The parents of 15-year-old Bailey Holt opened up about their heartbreak and revealed their feelings toward the accused student gunman. Lovett said parents will be allowed to attend school with their children and buses will run at regularly scheduled times.

"We just had the 20-year anniversary".

"It's going to take us all. We never wanted anyone else in our community to go through something like this", Ellegood told WPSD. In the wake of such a devastating event, many churches, prayer groups and support groups gathered together on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to cry, to pray and to offer support for one another in the midst of heartbreaking news.

"We're here for you", she said. That's because no one really knows what can be done to stop someone from gong on a shooting spree in a free country where guns are so easy to obtain and where we are constantly exposed to violence in television, in movies, on the Internet and everywhere else. "We are with you!" the president wrote.

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