Study Shows E-Cigarette Users Might Be Exposing Themselves to Toxic Metals

Lynette PayneFeb 25, 2018

Those draws have made smoking e-cigarettes and other vaping devices attractive for young people who are turned off by tobacco, as well as for existing smokers looking for a way to keep the habit but ditch the health issues.

Researchers aren't sure how these metals got from the coil to the smoke, but they don't think they could be coming from anywhere else.

According to a new study released by Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health, vaping is just as bad for your lungs as it is for your chances of me finding you attractive. The scientists tested and found the presence of 15 metals in the e-liquids in the coil-containing e-cigarette tanks and in the generated aerosols.

Chronic exposure to metals such as those found in the study have been linked to negative effects on the lungs, brain, heart, liver, and immune system.

According to a recent study carried out at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, scientists discovered a significant amount of toxic metals leak from the e-cigarette heating coils that generate vapor from the nicotine-filled liquid.

The researchers did observe, however, that aerosol metal concentrations tended to be higher for e-cigarettes with more frequently changed coils-suggesting that fresher coils give off metals more readily.

Consistent with prior studies, they found minimal amounts of metals in the e-liquids within refilling dispensers, but much larger amounts of some metals in the e-liquids that had been exposed to the heating coils within e-cigarette tanks.

Well, the U.S Food and Drug Administration has all rights to control the usage of e-cigarettes but it is still a big question for the administration as well, that how it can be done.

And while e-liquid might not carry unsafe metals on its own, the team found just under a fifth of the samples had significant levels of another highly toxic element: arsenic.

Half of the aerosol samples had lead concentrations higher than limits set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, the source of the lead still remains a mystery.

Rule and her team are now planning further studies of vaping and metal exposures, with particular attention to their impacts on people.

He urged health associations to hold up until the point that more research has been done before recommending the prevalent smoking gadgets to patients.

E-cigarettes, typically, make use of a battery that supplies electric current to heat the metallic coil, which in turn heats up the surrounding nicotine-filled liquid (e-liquid).

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