Elon Musk Says Kanye West Inspires Him

Ismael LynchMar 13, 2018

The company has previously said a second mission, scheduled for 2024, would have "primary objectives of building a propellant depot and preparing for future crew flights", created to eventually build a self-sustaining civilization on Mars.

By 2022, SpaceX hopes to get the BFR to Mars, where its initial mission "will be to confirm water resources and identify hazards along with putting in place initial power, mining, and life support infrastructure". The almost 350-foot rocket is reusable and would only cost the privately funded company about $7 million per launch.

Although Musk certainly has skin in the game - Musk frequently uses "a third world war" as the number one reason for wanting to colonize Mars with SpaceX - that doesn't negate the importance of heeding his warning.

About living on Mars, Musk has said that it would be very hard to begin with, and would require fearless people and some very modern machinery to set up glass domes and colonies on Mars. That will prove to other companies and countries that it can be done, providing the impetus for them to go and do it themselves.

"They now don't think it's possible, so if we show them that it is, they'll up their game and build interplanetary transport vehicles, as well", he told the SXSW audience.

"Mars will need everything from iron foundries to pizza joints to nightclubs", he added.

The SpaceX founder wants to put 1 million people on Mars as a sort of Plan B society. He spent much of the morning in Austin warning about the existential threats facing humanity.

He went on to explain that his preferred solution would be for bases to be built on both the moon and Mars and said it's important to get this done before a third world war. In weeks preceded by Russia's nuclear saber rattling (they just announced the creation of the world's most powerful nuke), Musk revealed the true goal for a Mars colony is far more altruistic: to provide a backup plan for all of humanity for when World War III hits. Musk says he's not normally an advocate of regulation and oversight.

He said A.I. experts aren't anxious enough.

"I think most likely the form of government on Mars would be a direct democracy, where people vote directly on issues", he said, in comments obtained by the BBC. They think they're smarter than they are. The inspirational "shocking" idea they came up with was a red sportscar combined with the music of David Bowie.

To be sure, there were some lighter notes in his talk.

Musk believes that by the end of next year, self-driving will encompass all modes of driving and be "at least 100 (%) to 200% safer than a person". He also revealed that Kanye West was a source of inspiration for his ventures. "Excitement for those who survive".

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