Dez Bryant Goes on Social Media Rant After Release From Cowboys

Grant SmithApr 14, 2018

He was slated to count $16.5 million against the cap with a base salary of $12.5 million next season. This would quickly become a problem as Bryant will be looking to have a big year and prove that he is still a dominant receiver in the National Football League worth paying.

Between the years 2012-2014, Bryant averaged 144 targets per season, leading him to average 91 receptions, 1,311 yards, and almost 14 touchdowns per season. The Cowboys will save $8 million against the cap this season by cutting him.

'This was not an easy decision.

'We arrived at this crossroad collectively with input from several voices within the organization.

The NFL Draft is also coming to Arlington later this month, and the Cowboys have the 19th overall pick. He said some of the frustration was rooted in the offensive scheme. He will always be a valued member of our family.

Making Bryant one of the team's highest-paid players while trying to fit him in with Pierre Garçon and Marquise Goodwin, who was given a three-year contract extension this offseason, seems illogical for San Francisco. Bryant holds the Dallas program record with 73 touchdown catches, and ranks fifth in team history for total yardage. Tight end Jason Witten has 68 career TD catches.

In an unwise move, Taco Charlton, a rookie past year who played just one season with Bryant, called the news "straight BS". Their receiving corps struggled to get separation last season and it bogged down their passing game.

The area of the field where Bryant can have a significant impact is shrinking.

"Cowboy Nation, I need you to know this wasn't my decision ..."

With Bryant set to be a free agent now, Baltimore Ravens players are already starting with the recruitment drive.

With Bryant gone, at least one thing is clear - this conference isn't exactly filled with Pro Bowl talent at receiver. Six-year journeyman Deonte Thompson was another addition. Of course. But if that were to happen, it would probably have to be Bryant's decision to pass on taking more money elsewhere.

And in case anyone was inclined to doubt that Bryant was serious about that, he reiterated the point on Twitter, then declared that his new beef with the Cowboys was "very personal".

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