Google assistant will now be able to make calls for you

Nichole VegaMay 11, 2018

Finally, with app actions, your phone will predict which app tasks you'll want to do.

Google Duplex, now under development, is the company's attempt to enhance its voice recognition technology, with the end goal of creating a virtual assistant that is able to have natural conversations with humans. However, you can use the Google Assistant to have the auto turn on the AC, adjust the temperature and much more.

If you're hoping to run stock Android P after the final release, you won't be getting those builds from Xiaomi.

Google has introduced new gesture-based navigation along with. Announced a few days before I/O, this soundbar is integrated with the Google Assistant, which Google says will place it at the center of a living room experience. Swiping up from the bottom will bring you your recently opened apps, in addition to five predicted apps you might want to use. It'll engage with you, but it's hardly the most natural conversationalist.

There's also a "shush" feature, which will automatically silence incoming calls and notifications when you flip the phone over, as well as something called "wind down". These background apps can be accessed by a "Swipe Up".

Calls for regulating the tech industry to protect users' privacy have been indirectly met with Google's announcement that it will collect more information from users when they use Google Lens. Moreover, for the first time, Google pushed the Android beta version for the non-Pixel devices.

It also makes the process of installing the Android P beta a lot less painful than in the past. In other words, Google's years-old navigation menu would have worked just fine. This means that developers will soon be able to install the necessary tools and editing programs they need to create Android and web apps for phones, tablets, and laptops right from a Chromebook which has previously been impossible.

OK, Google. Thanks for saving us from you. So what kind of features can users expect with camera integration? Android TV will also make use of Google's autofill feature to sign into apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and more. As far as the Google Home smart speakers are concerned, they will be updated with these features when they are available.

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