Pompeo 'Convinced' Kim Jong-un 'Shares the Objectives' of American People

Lynette PayneMay 16, 2018

China considers the forthcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un an important step on the way to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and achieving stability in the region, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuan said at a briefing on Friday.

Diplomatic sources say that as the first-ever summit between the United States and North Korea approaches, Pyongyang may have its sights set on getting China to ease sanctions and improve economic ties.

Some observers believe Kim may be trying to improve relations with South Korea and the USA, because China has tightened some economic screws in response to North Korea's nuclear testing. We have also seen the meeting between the presidents of North and South Korea.

North Korea has invited worldwide media to witness the destruction of the site, but not technical inspectors, leaving disarmament experts and nuclear scientists wondering how effective the plan is - and whether it will be safe.

"Every single site that the North Koreans have that can inflict risk upon the American people that is destroyed, eliminated, dismantled is good news for the American people and for the world". "The result may be Kim Jong Un is in a position fearing loss of power because of rampant poverty".

The State Department, led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, delivered a statement confirming that the three hostages had boarded a flight home.

Previous estimates by the South Korean government have stated it could cost as much as $500bn (£370bn) to rebuild the North's moribund economy. If we set aside the never-very-plausible idea that the Kims are madmen intent on prepping some secular apocalyptic nuclear confrontation with the USA, a more prosaic, rational strategy becomes clear: build a credible nuclear deterrent, thus making military-backed regime change unthinkable.

Some Chinese commentators have also been playing up the significance of Xi's involvement, saying Xi can act as a mediator to keep the ball rolling if the talks are held back by conflicting demands; Trump had vowed that he would "walk out" of talks if they are not "fruitful".

Another official indicated the exact location of such secret uranium enrichment facilities is a closely guarded secret and not confirmed, but there is a high likelihood of one being located underground near the Panghyon Airfield in Kusong, a city in North Pyongan Province, or in some other location in the province.

"Hopefully the June 12 summit in Singapore will result in a blueprint of acceptable and enforceable behavior going forward", Wilson said. They could continue to fall in advance of the Trump-Kim summit, provided things appear to be progressing smoothly, with a sharp fall if the outcome of the summit is favourable to the US. By contrast, Kim has called for a step-by-step process to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons. "But I also don't think that Un [Kim] is smart enough for a long con". Having alienated his European allies over the Iran nuclear deal, world trade and climate change, Mr. Trump needs positive atmospherics in Singapore.

"Kim then asked Xi for China's economic assistance during the intermediate stages of denuclearization".

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