Trump rallying Florida voters behind DeSantis for governor

Howard TerryAug 03, 2018

Hitting the campaign trail Tuesday in the Sunshine State, President Donald Trump touted the economy, discussed his attempts at diplomacy with North Korea and patted himself on the back for his decision to remove the USA from the Paris Climate Accord. He was trying to tell supporters that tighter laws would stop people who aren't USA citizens from voting, and in his argument added that people need IDs for most other things. "You know if you go out an buy groceries, you need a picture or a card - you need ID", Trump said to the crowd.

Identifications are required to purchase limited items such as alcohol, cigarettes or cold medicine and in rapidly declining situations in which a customer opts to pay with a personal check.

In the Republican race to be Florida's next Governor, candidate Ron DeSantis is now on the offensive thanks to an endorsement by President Donald Trump.

President Trump also used Democrat push back on his supreme court pick Brett Kavanaugh as a rally cry to get Republicans to the polls. Gov. Rick Scott, who is challenging Sen.

He says he wants Trump "to see that not everyone believes in what he does here in Florida". Frustrated by what he calls Democratic obstructionists, his agenda would face less resistance with more GOP victories.

Florida represented a crucial triumph for Trump in the 2016 presidential election and the president has maintained a steady presence in the state, returning frequently to his winter home in Palm Beach.

The president never mentioned DeSantis's primary opponent - Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam - by name.

"And after while, you forget, who's the senator?" In a new campaign ad he playfully jokes about the only thing to his candidacy is his close relationship with the president.

The ad serves as a reminder of Trump's soaring approval ratings among Republican voters, and how hard it will be for some Republican candidates to win races if they distance themselves from the White House.

Scott didn't joined Trump at the rally but appeared with him at an earlier roundtable event.

Florida GOP candidate Ron DeSantis released a new campaign ad on Monday showcasing his child's ability to build a wall. The immigrant from the African country of Senegal became a US citizen in 2007 and voted for Obama in 2012 before becoming a Trump backer.

"He respects the fact that Rick Scott has got a tough contest when it gets to the general election, and that Rick Scott is going to have to appeal to some Democrats and some no party affiliation voters", said MacManus.

He also pushed for stricter voter identification laws, a cause that is broadly popular among Trump's conservative base.

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