Fairfax County resident infected with West Nile Virus, health officials say

Lynette PayneAug 04, 2018

It's not uncommon to find West Nile virus in mosquitoes found in Peel Region.

The Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment says it is the first human case of the virus this year in Colorado.

"Mosquito-borne diseases overall are increasing", CDC spokeswoman Kate Fowley told weather.com.

More information on the state's mosquito testing can be found here. A very small proportion of human infections have occurred through organ transplant, blood transfusions and breast milk.

Symptoms include fever, headache and body aches. There is no vaccine or cure for West Nile and about 1 in 150 people infected develop serious illnesses that can affect the central nervous system. Eight out of 10 people will never experience any symptoms.

Carroll said West Nile is elevated in the Lehigh Valley this year, but no records have been broken.

"The symptoms are the same as that of Japanese Encephalitis or Meningitis".

Homeowners are also asked to eliminate standing water by cleaning eaves troughs, emptying bird baths, covering rain barrels with mosquito screens, getting rid of containers that collect water and landscaping for better drainage.

Reports of West Nile infection comes after the deadly spread of the Nipah virus in the district. Manitobans are urged to protect themselves by staying indoors during dusk and dawn, using mosquito repellent, and wearing white, long-sleeved shirts and trousers instead of shorts. Fix or replace screens with tears or holes. For standing water that can not be drained such as fountains, ponds, etc., consider adding "Mosquito Dunks" or mosquito fish, which feed on mosquito larvae. The use of mosquito nets can be useful at night, particularly for infants.

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