Tom Hardy's Favourite Scenes From Venom Aren't In The Movie

Irene MckinneyOct 03, 2018

"We did always intend for it to be a PG-13 movie", he insisted. It's a movie that spilled from the pre-MCU era through a crack in time and space. As an actor speaking, [you've] got to know that I may or may not have improvised about seven or eight, maybe 10 days-worth of footage that I want in that movie. The answer is... yeah, mostly.

Sony is looking to kick-off their own comic book cinematic Universe focusing on the villains of Spider-Man rather than the web-swinging hero himself.

Collider: Venom nearly gets away with its nonsensical plot in the end thanks to that Eddie and Venom bromance, but then you're reminded of the major missed opportunity here. And it did that. He's got a good job, a romantic relationship with corporate attorney Anne Weying (Michelle Williams, cashing her paycheck as is her right!), and he lives in San Francisco, which is basically the West Coast's NY.

This clip shows Eddie Brock asking some tough questions to Carlton Drake. Eddie is ruined, but he's right. They then attempted to reboot the franchise with Andrew Garfield in the The Amazing Spider-Man movies, but once again something was off. You can easily imagine Hardy loving to film weird, creepy comedy scenes as Eddie Brock, which director Ruben Fleischer just felt didn't fit in with the tone of the film. And I guess save the day, too.

He shared, "Everyone is asking us that". That being said, Hardy's response here doesn't really clarify much. Let us know in the comments. "I don't think the movie would be any better if every time he bit someone's head off there would be a blood gush".

Williams is fine in a badly underwritten character.

EW: It never rises above bombastic and busy - which is something I never thought I'd say about a movie starring three aces like Hardy, Ahmed, and Williams. Woody Harrelson, Jenny Slate and Reid Scott, among others, will also be in the movie. The movie is, by most accounts, a mess. He referenced Hardy's claim that some of the best parts of the movie were lost in the 40 minutes that were excised from the final release, agreeing that the movie felt "slapdash" and gives the impression that it finishes just as it's getting started. So, my son came to me with a specific character that he absolutely fell in love with.

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