Google Assistant has bigger images and new interactive elements

Nichole VegaOct 04, 2018

That means larger images, GIFs, and new controls and sliders that let you manage your smart home devices by touch, such as using a slider to adjust the brightness of your smart lights.

Developers and brands now have tools to take full advantage of the phone screen. With the redesign, you should find it easier to complete tasks using Google Assistant, regardless of whether you prefer to use your voice, touch, or a combination of both. "With this redesign, we're making the Assistant more visually assistive for users, combining voice with touch in a way that gives users the right controls in the right situations".

As the images show, users get access to a clean interface with prominent visual elements, such as videos, weather info, info cards for places, direct access to apps and sharing options, and more. Besides that, Google has also announced support for digital goods and subscriptions, and Google Sign-In for the Assistant.

Google Assistant is one of the most common virtual assistants built into modern Android smartphones - even in phones that have their own proprietary AI, like Samsung's Bixby, Google Assistant makes an appearance. The same concept applies if you ask Assistant to lower or raise the volume of a nearby smart speaker.

The Google Assistant brings an interactive messaging interface, with which people can use their fingers to add a comma, change a word, or make any other quick edits while composing messages.

Google Assistant is free to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes. Open up the Assistant and swipe up on your screen to get curated information based on the time of day and your recent interactions with the Assistant. Additionally, with Google Sign-In users can use their voice to login and link accounts on smart speakers with the Assistant.

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