60% of wildlife wiped out — WWF

Ismael LynchNov 01, 2018

It's not a horror book, but the latest Living Planet report makes for some seriously frightening reading.

Measured by weight, or biomass, wild animals today only account for four percent of mammals on Earth, with humans (36%) and livestock (60%) making up the rest. The images of the graphs (Figure 1 and Figure 2) are much like that in Dan Brown's fictional novel Inferno which dealt with the overpopulation crisis in the world.

For freshwater vertebrates, losses topped 80 per cent.

But Australia's region didn't fare particularly well either. This can galvanize public and private action to protect and restore global biodiversity and nature and bend the curve on the devastating trends highlighted in the report.

The index of extinction risk for five major groups - birds, mammals, amphibians, corals and an ancient family of plants called cycads - shows an accelerating slide towards oblivion.

It said "Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions". Pollination increases the global value of crop production by $237-$577 billion per year to growers alone; more than 75 per cent of leading global food crops depend on pollinators.

Louise McRae from the Zoological Society of London worked with the WWF to produce the data which underpins the report.

The WWF attributed the global drop in animal populations to habitat loss, due to agriculture and over-exploitation of species.

Habitat loss will have a profound impact on human well-being, conservationists say. Top threats to species loss If you haven't already guessed, human activity is the biggest threat to species loss.

Just as the WWF report was released China has announced a decision to partially reverse a ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn. Wildlife is not just 'nice to have, ' the report said, warning that human health, food and medicine supplies, as well as global financial stability, are all damaged by declines in wildlife and nature. However, we still have some of the world's most lovely landscapes.

Only sixteen countries out of the 197 that have signed the Paris Agreement have defined national climate action plan ambitious enough to meet their pledges, according to a policy brief released on Monday (29 October), ahead of the crucial United Nations climate conference COP24 in Katowice (Poland) in December.

A new report from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) reveals the bitter truth that humans' environmental neglect is pushing many animals to extinction.

Freshwater, for example, was being increasingly threatened by habitat modification, fragmentation and destruction, invasive species, overfishing, pollution disease and climate change.

The do-not-cross red line for climate change, for example, is global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit), according to a new United Nations report.

Imagine there were only two species in the world: frogs and pandas. For us, he will thus cover climate, environment, and science news, among others.

The pace of population increase - long taboo in development and conservation circles - also took off around 1950, the date scientists have chosen as the "gold spike", or starting point, for a new geological period dubbed the Anthropocene, or "age of man".

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