OnePlus 6T might come in Thunder Purple (which probably means no red)

Nichole VegaNov 03, 2018

Simply because it offers you the same, and in some cases, more than what other flagships bring to the table for nearly half the price. The new update carries nearly every feature that the device manufacturer has promised at OnePlus 6T launch. The 6T goes on sale today at T-Mobile and online as an unlocked phone.

Let's not forget that the phone is available through T-Mobile, which is OnePlus' first carrier partner.

There are also a load of cool new features that help the OnePlus 6T to stand out from the crowd, such as an in-screen fingerprint scanner and a powerful rear camera.

Taller screen has been made possible with minor tweaks in the design language of the phone, which also packs a marginally smaller chin than what the OnePlus 6 had.

The OnePlus 6T also comes with some truly unique features like its in-display fingerprint reader and its tiny, teardrop-shaped notch, which is about 1/8th the size of the notch on the Apple iPhone XS. However, many will lament the loss of the headphone jack with the 6T.

One would thus expect the OnePlus 6T to have a red version as well. The full whack of 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM will set users back $629, directly from the official website. For $579 you get 8GB. The bootloader will be unlockable, but only after the device has been paid off and has spent 40 days on the T-Mobile network. In what could be an important turning point for the company - and sales - the 6T will be sold at all T-Mobile stores nationwide.

OnePlus 6 has got a new OxygenOS 9.0.2 update with the new navigation gestures. For tinkerers, the T-Mobile variant is even less desirable. That's topped off by the sharing of a gif which simply shows the prices of the two devices being entered into a minimalist representation of a calculator, roughly $512 for the OnePlus 6T and $283 for the Poco F1. They'll eventually make their way to the T-Mobile version, but, as it is with updates like this throughout the future, they'll be coming here later than they've come to the global version of the phone. The mobile carrier is offering $300 off the OnePlus 6T with a qualifying trade-in. Some day we'll get a phone, we just don't know when that'll be.

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