Will Foldable, 5G Phones Improve Samsung Electronics’ Sluggish Smartphone Sales?

Nichole VegaNov 03, 2018

It's been reported that the company will launch its first ever foldable smartphone at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019.

Samsung knows that the competition is only bound to become tighter as more and more premium phones make their way to the market. Of course, a huge portion of global smartphone users would rather spend less money on their phones, and that's why low-end and mid-range phone sales make up such a huge percentage of total smartphone sales each quarter. The Galaxy S10 is believed to be codenamed "beyond", and the four models are internally referred to as "beyond 0", "beyond 1", "beyond 2" and "beyond 2 5G". The main internal display is at 7.29-inches, while the secondary outside display is at 4.58-inches.

This Galaxy F body is reportedly quite thick.

On the other hand, Samsung and Huawei have confirmed folding smartphone screen plans; but nothing has stated about when they will launch their products in the market. The report states that the first Galaxy F device will sport 512GB of storage, and will be a high-end device. However, the screen would be protected at all times and the device would be thinner and cheaper to produce. It offered a curved edge display, an improved S Pen, a highly intuitive software and the Iris Scanner.

Samsung is also apparently testing firmware for the phone in the U.S., which suggests it could be close to launch.

A foldable display phone is next big thing in the smartphone world. The small space between them will prevent damage from drops. However, you can already buy an unlocked model of the device direct from Samsung via its Amazon.com store, and the device's price starts at $94.

Samsung has also stated that it will also be planning to bring the flexible and foldable displays for cars and larger devices such laptops to help grow its OLED business in 2019. Similarly, Samsung Mobile's DJ Koh said in September that fans should expect a "very significant" redesign for the S10.

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