USA midterms battleground states: These are the election races to watch

Eileen GuzmanNov 06, 2018

He has squandered one of his country's greatest assets on the world stage, its network of alliances, to the consternation of friends and the delight of enemies.

If these elections go against Republicans in congress, they may feel the need to reassert themselves, afraid for their jobs the next time round.

Trump blasted Democrats over immigration during a recent rally in Chattanooga. "But, in a way, actually he is".

Donald Trump said on Monday (Nov 5) he wished he had taken a softer tone in his first two years as United States president, even as he continued to bash individual Democrats and fan fears over immigration while campaigning on the eve of congressional elections. At stake is control of the House and Senate, not to mention numerous statewide races, including a number of crucial governorships.

And on Monday in IN, he deployed three of his most prominent female supporters - press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, adviser Kellyanne Conway and daughter Ivanka Trump - to help garner support among women, who are expected to turn out in droves on Tuesday.

Days later, a gunman walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and shot 11 worshippers dead.

Voters on Tuesday will decide the $5 billion debate between President Donald Trump's take-no-prisoner politics and the Democratic Party's super-charged campaign to end the GOP's hold on power in Washington and statehouses across the nation.

He'd pulled into the parking lot minutes after the gunfire erupted, saw the police cars and shaken employees, and felt like the country's poisonous political climate had landed in his backyard.

'I don't think that's going to happen, ' he predicted.

He's undecided going into Election Day.

The first polls opened at 5am (10am GMT) local time in Vermont.

Likely Senate outcome: Republicans hold on to the Senate.

Asked in an interview with Sinclair Broadcasting, one of the largest USA television station operators, if there was anything he regretted about his first two years in office, Trump said: "I would say tone".

Trump frequently denies that he misleads the public and instead blames the media for what he describes as distortions of his words. On Oct. 22, Trump tweeted without evidence that "criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in" with the group.

Polls show Democrats are most concerned with health care and the economy, with Republicans focused on immigration.

"What it means to be Republican is being rewritten as we speak", Fleischer said.

A friend recently sent Hoeppner a photo of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island with a note that said: "For our ancestors, this is their caravan". The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!" "Which is a big difference", she said.

"If Republicans continue to hold everything, they would continue to be 100 per cent responsible for Washington".

I'm not a huge fan of his tweets.

Winning control of the House would allow the Democrats to block Republican policies, launch investigations into Trump's administration and instigate impeachment proceedings. White people and Hispanics, Republicans, suburbanites, men, the elderly, the college educated, and supporters of President Trump were the most likely to say they have faith in democracy now.

"When it comes to his actions, I'm not a huge fan of his tweets", Panelo said.

Bottom line: I think polls that say the Democrats will do well on Election Day are wrong, unless there's a hidden dissatisfaction with money issues. He said that enthusiasm was off the charts.

USA networks have withdrawn President Donald Trump's ad about a cop-killing illegal immigrant.

President Donald Trump embarked on Monday on a whirlwind final push across three states to stop Democrats from breaking his Republicans' stranglehold on the US Congress in midterm elections amounting to a battle for the soul of the turbulent country.

In Pittsburgh, where residents just finished burying those gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue, some voters saw their Election Day decisions as a way to send a message that the country is headed down a dark and risky path.

"This is a very important election", he added.

At the Springfield rally, Brian Whorton, who drove a few hours to see the president, said he voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 before becoming a Republican.

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