Bill Nelson challenges signature-match law amid Senate recount

Howard TerryNov 10, 2018

Scott, who yesterday sued two South Florida election supervisors, vowed to meet Nelson's challenge in court.

The unusual pattern appeared in no other Florida county, the newspaper reported. On Thursday, he tweeted that he was sending lawyers to "expose the FRAUD!"

In a conference call Thursday, Elias said, "We believe at the end of the day, Senator Nelson is going to be declared the victor and is going to return to the United States Senate".

"He and I agree. Nelson is going to be determined to be the victor and he's going to return to the United States Senate", Elias insisted during a Thursday morning conference call with reporters.

Scott, the state's governor, filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing Democrats in Broward and Palm Beach counties of "rampant fraud" and of trying to steal the election - allegations for which he offered no proof.

In the midst of researching the results, Murphy says he chose to go to the Palm Beach County website to ensure that his vote was registered.

Rick Scott, who is vying for a seat in the Senate, has ripped the female election supervisors in the state's two largest counties as "unethical liberals".

Scott has asked state law enforcement to investigate the elections offices of Palm Beach and Broward Counties for wrongdoing, without evidence of what should be investigated.

Setting aside the question of why the president would want people to believe he's appointed someone he doesn't know to head the Justice Department, the more important point is that the claim simply isn't true.

Nelson's suit seeks to re-examine absentee and provisional ballots when signatures on the ballots don't match voter registration records. As the vote gap narrowed, Gillum said he wanted to see every vote counted, indicating he would not stand in the way of a recount. "Nelson's interests are protected". This is not a third world dictatorship.

Boward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes, an elected official herself, has been in the news before with regard to the electoral process, including in May this year, when a court ruled her office improperly destroyed ballots in a 2016 Democratic primary. Snipes was unable to say how many more votes remained uncounted earlier on Friday, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

In Georgia, the Protect Democracy nonprofit filed a lawsuit this week seeking to keep Secretary of State Brian Kemp from being involved in counting votes in his run for governor as a Republican against Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams. "Must overhaul these ridiculous barriers to voting".

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has been on a tweet storm decrying a lack of transparency from Broward County officials. Scott, he tweeted, was up by more than 50,000 votes on Election Day.

"If you look at Broward County, they have had a terrible history", he said, "and if you look at the person, in this case a woman, involved, she has had a awful history, and all of a sudden, they're finding votes out of nowhere". With a U.S. Senate race on the line, one might think this deserves a somewhat believable explanation. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott are locked in an extremely close contest for the Senate, with Scott holding a lead in the vote count of less than a percentage point but Nelson gaining ground.

The razor-thin Senate race in Florida erupted into outright partisan warfare Friday as Democrats pressed for a recount and Republicans - including President Trump - accused local election officials of tilting the outcome against them. The machine recount could begin that same day, with the results due by November 15.

The state conducts an electronic recount when the margin falls below 0.5 per cent.

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