Amazon: Tech Giant, Amazon, Debuts New Service For Building Blockchain

Lynette PayneDec 01, 2018

Amazon Forecast creates accurate time-series forecasts.

AWS also showcased the increasingly influential role of AI in traditional auto races during the conference.

"This is a technology that has been nearly completely out of reach to all but the most well-funded and -motivated organizations", the AWS AI programs leader Matt Wood said on November 28, when the DeepRacer was launched during the AWS re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas, the United States.

The inaugural DRL event took place at this year's AWS re:Invent conference in accelerated form over a duration of 22 hours. "So, we tried to reimagine what customers really wanted when running in hybrid mode, and developed AWS Outposts". The fastest times advanced to the final where Rick Fish, co-founder of Jigsaw XYZ, from London, England, emerged victorious, taking the DRL Cup with a winning lap time of 51:50.

AWS revealed new services, framework enhancements, and a custom chip to speed up machine learning training and inference, while reducing cost.

Midmarket companies will be the ones most likely to embrace AWS Outposts first, the analyst said. AWS DeepRacer is available for pre-order today. The company said it is piloting AWS RoboMaker with 12 universities. SageMaker RL is now generally available. The whole experience was good fun, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface in terms of the service's capabilities.

AWS also announced a $399 autonomous toy vehicle - AWS DeepRacer - for developers to test some of their own self-driving programs.

Amazon Comprehend Medical uses natural language processing to simplify the process of using machine learning to extract pertinent information from unstructured medical text, such as medical notes, prescriptions, interview transcripts, and pathology and radiology reports. To find out more about the DeepRacer League, visit The users will be provided with an option to develop their platforms by using any one from Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. (AWS) that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale.

With Managed Blockchain, AWS explained that setting up a blockchain network is as easy as a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.

Companies will also be able to run other software with native AWS Outposts. It is the latest example of the giant provider of the cloud services building next-gen processors.

"AWS teams have been using Amazon QLDB for years to maintain a complete, immutable, and append-only journal of data changes".

The HIPAA-eligible service will be covered under Amazon Web Services' (AWS) business associate agreement, ensuring the privacy and security of patient data that is run through the system. The AWS offering will include a new integrated offering from VMware called VMware Cloud Foundation for EC2, which includes VMware technologies like NSX for network virtualization and AppDefense that can work across VMware and Amazon EC2 environments, according to officials. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we're eager to innovate using AWS in ways that were not possible with our on-premises infrastructure.

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