CDC, partners probe 127 polio-like cases in 22 states

18 Oct, 2018

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 62 cases of acute flaccid myelitis , a rare, polio-like condition that causes weakness in the arms or legs, across 22 states. Since the condition was first recognized by CDC in 2014, the agency has confirmed 362 cases. This disease is like a "hit-and-run", Gupta said, and "you don't have evidence of the virus but you do have evidence of the aftermath so it's hard to piece together".

Mysterious Paralyzing Illness Found Among Kids in 22 States

17 Oct, 2018

There has been one AFM-related death, which happened in 2017. Health experts say acute flaccid myelitis , or AFM, is a polio-like syndrome that affects the nervous system , specifically the spinal cord. She said it was important for parents and clinicians to remember that this is a rare condition, affecting less than 1 in 1 million people under 18.

Who Should Get a Mammogram Before Age 40

16 Oct, 2018

However, there will be more than 12,000 diagnoses of breast cancer in women under 40 this year, and more than 26,000 in women under 45, according to NCI. Women like Amal are a shining example of humanity, who not only overcame this hard disease by showing utmost resolve but continue their fight against cancer by motivating others with their touching journeys.

For some with cancer, 'pink October' can't end soon enough

15 Oct, 2018

NO Bra Day falls every year on October 13. "We're concerned and we're committed, and we pray for those who are going through this disease and those who have lost their courageous battle with this disease", says Jones. To those who are fighting and love their Redskins, the opportunity to bond was viewed as something special. "With the support of other organizations, we feel encouraged to bring three times our original goal", said Kouri Falconer, the founder and CEO of DREAM Inc., a nonprofit ...

Ten suspected cases of rare nervous system disease in northern IL children

14 Oct, 2018

The reported IL cases are preliminary diagnoses and only the U.S. Centers for Disease Control can confirm the diagnosis, according to Arnold. The CDC says the condition is not new but there's been an increase in cases starting in 2014. From August 2014 to August 2018, the CDC reported receiving information that there had been a total of 362 cases, most of which affected children. An Illinois Department of Public Health statement said they are working with doctors to collect information on ...

At least two local children have rare polio-like illness; 8 statewide

12 Oct, 2018

The CDC recommends getting children vaccinated against the poliovirus, as well as protecting against bites from mosquitos (which carry the West Nile virus). There isn't a vaccine that could prevent AFM and there isn't a vaccine that causes the condition, medical experts said. It is actively investigating AFM cases, and trying to unearth more information about the mysterious condition.

The power of support for mental health

12 Oct, 2018

This time is said to be the best time to spread awareness about mental health disorders. Experts said what's even more sobering is the fact that mental illness greatly increases the risk of contracting other serious medical conditions like HIV and non-communicable diseases.

Kavanaugh confirmation disregards objections by the people

12 Oct, 2018

Even so, the Trump administration issued its first-ever veto threat . "People have to still get out and vote", president Trump urged. "But Republicans went on to gain control of the Senate in those elections and increase their majority in the House of Representatives".

Event highlights mental health issues

12 Oct, 2018

Mental Health Week will climax on October 13 with a 20/20 cricket match at the Police Recreation Grounds from 9 a.m. Take This doesn't just raise awareness about mental illness in gaming, it gives gamers the tools they need to understand what they're going through and seek help right away.

Chief Justice John Roberts orders new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

11 Oct, 2018

Heading into the November midterms, the GOP is defending its House and Senate majorities. He says it would backfire and help Trump in 2020 the way President Bill Clinton's impeachment cost Republicans two decades ago. Before Kavanaugh got a seat on the court, several polls were finding the opposite. Trump has said Alaskans will make her pay. At his Iowa event, Trump said a Democratic takeover of Congress could allow Democrats to impeach Kavanaugh, a prospect some Democrats have raised.

What is acute flaccid myelitis? Rare Minnesota cases raise questions

11 Oct, 2018

These cases coincided with a severe respiratory illness caused by enterovirus D68 . Seven-year-old Quinton Hill from Lakeville is one of those six confirmed cases. Symptoms can include sudden arm and leg weakness, drooping eyelids, facial weakness, difficulty moving the eyes and slurred speech/difficulty swallowing.

Clinton says Trump remarks at Kavanaugh swearing-in undermine Supreme Court

11 Oct, 2018

Democrats have led the generic ballot, which measures which party's candidates a voter plans to support, all of 2018, often by double digits. "It's a great frustration", he said. "100 per cent." He quickly added: "I don't want to get sued so 99 per cent". "This business of presidential harassment may or may not quite be the victor they think it is", McConnell told the Associated Press .

Influenza vaccine clinics to open in time for flu season

11 Oct, 2018

In addition to the single day that the vaccinations were offered, the flu clinic was not extensively advertised to students - two emails were sent out, one on September 28 and another on the day of the clinic. Students can also schedule an appointment to receive their vaccinations in the SHS building. Dr. Chris Freer, chair of emergency medicine for Saint Barnabas Medical Center and system director of RWJBarnabas Health Emergency Services, said he has also seen flu patients come into his ...

Local Residents Raise Money For Cancer In Pink Themed Campaign

05 Oct, 2018

Younger women also have a higher mortality rate when it comes to breast cancer and the risk of metastatic recurrence is higher. The Global Breast Cancer Predictive Genetic Testing Market Report 2018 published by 9Dimen Research Store is a complete study of the business sectors, 2012-2018.

General Electric ditches boss John Flannery and takes $23bn hit

05 Oct, 2018

The executive, who also teaches at Harvard Business School, only joined the GE board in April. Flannery's departure comes just 14 months after he took the helm as Chairman and CEO of the company August 1, 2017. Since then, GE has announced the sale of several divisions, including its rail and health technology units. Changing CEOs "won't fix short-term problems at power but Larry, as an outsider, will be able to make the hard decisions on cost", said Scott Davis, an analyst at Melius ...

Allison, Tasuku Honjo Win 2018 Nobel Prize In Physiology Or Medicine

04 Oct, 2018

Two scientists shared the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine , the Nobel Committee announced here on Monday . This year's prize is 9 million Swedish krona (about 1 million US dollars). But for poorly understood reasons, it was hard to rev them up against cancer. Allison plans to continue his research, focusing on the intricacies of the immune system's response to cancer and identifying new targets for potential treatment.

New Jersey Man Dies from 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba

03 Oct, 2018

An artist's rendering of the newly opened wave pool at BSR Cable Park Surf Resort , in Waco, where Stabile is feared to have picked up the brain-eating amoeba that killed him (Picture: BSR Cable Park Surf Resort) Naegleria fowleri pictured under a microscope.

Man diagnosed with world's first human case of rat disease hepatitis E

01 Oct, 2018

Siddharth Sridhar, clinical assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong , explaining that monkeys are very close to humans when it comes to disease susceptibility. Indeed, the combination of the man's compromised immune system and exposure to rat droppings could have caused this singular case, Adalja said. An estimated 20 million people are infected with hepatitis E every year, according to the World Health Organization.

Kavanaugh wrongly claims he could drink legally in Maryland

01 Oct, 2018

The Minnesota Democrat added that her experience comes from having an alcoholic father who, at 90, is in Alcoholics Anonymous. Amy Klobuchar about his drinking habits. "But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out, and I never sexually assaulted anyone", Kavanaugh said during his opening statement. "Yeah, nor do I", Kavanaugh said.

The time to get the flu shot is now, according to doctors

01 Oct, 2018

In recent years, flu-related deaths have ranged from about 12,000 to 56,000, according to the CDC. However, there were many different prevalent types of flu in circulation last winter, which contributed to the high flu death rates as well as the vaccination's weakness.

Trump Reaffirms Support For Top Court Pick, Says Testimony Was "Honest"

29 Sep, 2018

As the Senate has requested, this update must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week", the White House said in a statement citing the president. He has repeatedly called for Ford to testify to the Senate and indicated that he would wait to hear her speak to make up his mind on the confirmation.

Mental Patients Chained in Back of Sheriff’s Van Drown During Florence

23 Sep, 2018

Aides say President Donald Trump will visit North Carolina on Wednesday to see the damage from Florence. "Tonight's incident is a tragedy", said Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson . According to the sheriff's office, the two detainees were being transferred from Waccamaw Mental Health in Myrtle Beach and McLeod Loris Hospital in Loris to McLeod Behavioral Health in Darlington, S.C.

Arkansas health officials report out-of-season uptick in flu cases

22 Sep, 2018

Livingston. Olga says that this vaccination clinic makes her life easier, as this is just one less concern in her hectic day. Five companies make flu vaccine for the US market. There are very few medical reasons to skip the flu vaccine. Effective October 1, the flu vaccine is available at Margaret Mary's Occupational Health and Wellness Center located on State Road 229 in Batesville, behind First Financial Bank.

2 dead after van is swept away in S. Carolina

20 Sep, 2018

The women weren't identified. Agents of the State Law Enforcement Division ( SLED ) are investigating. In a statement emailed to reporters, Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson identified the women as Windy Newton, 45, and Nicolette Green, 43.

Legionnaires' cases reported at NYCHA complex

05 Sep, 2018

Officials said tenants can still use and drink water "but tenants at higher risk of getting Legionnaires' disease will be advised to take additional precautions". NH DHHS Commissioner Jeffrey A. Meyers issued the order after initial tests conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detected the presence of the Legionella bacteria from multiple sources within the Sands Resort water system, including, but not limited to the hot tub spa.

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