Near 850,000 customers without power in U.S. Southeast after Michael

12 Oct, 2018

Nathan Deal on Tuesday issued a state of emergency covering 92 counties - almost the entire lower two-thirds of his state. "This is one of the most powerful storms". Michael is now centered over SC and is still a tropical storm after a long land journey over the southeastern United States. Michael is now moving northwards at 12mph.

Why we’re closer to climate catastrophe than we thought

12 Oct, 2018

However, limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5℃ as opposed to 2℃ can help in reducing poverty as well as reduce losses in yields of maize, rice, wheat and other cereal crops, mainly in Asia. Problematically, the effectiveness of the negative emissions techniques that would be relied upon in such a scenario is unproven on a large scale. The report will be a key scientific input into the Katowice Climate Change Conference in Poland in December when governments will review the Paris ...

Hurricane Michael: Category four storm lashes Florida coast

12 Oct, 2018

Though wind speed is the basis for hurricane categories, central pressure is actually a better measure of damage that a hurricane will cause, a study published previous year in the journal Nature Communications found. Only 5,000 or so have showed up at shelters, suggesting that a large number of people ignored officials' advice, he said. As of Thursday morning, more than 500,000 customers still don't have their electricity restored across Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

Tropical Storm Nadine becomes 14th named storm of Atlantic hurricane season

11 Oct, 2018

A hurricane warning was up across the Florida panhandle, a low-lying area of beachfront resort and retirement communities on northeastern Gulf coast. And none of the factors that hold a storm back were present, especially something called "wind shear". "I'm asking all Floridians to stay vigilant throughout tonight and tomorrow as we brace for Hurricane Michael to make landfall".

Ivey issues state of emergency for Alabama

11 Oct, 2018

Once a tropical storm , Hurricane Michael is expected to strike the Florida Panhandle with Category 3 winds of 74-plus miles per hour. The National Hurricane Center in Miami says in a Tuesday evening advisory that Michael has become a Category 3 hurricane and is moving north across the Gulf of Mexico at 12 miles per hour (19 kph).

Space telescope Hubble has failed

11 Oct, 2018

Hubble entered the safe mode after one of the three gyroscopes, actively being used to point and steady the telescope, failed. "Broken gyro worked badly for about a year, and its failure was not a surprise". Hubble is now down to two working gyros and needs at least three for optimal operations. "If the outcome of this investigation results in recovery of the malfunctioning gyro, Hubble will resume science operations in its standard three-gyro configuration", NASA said in a statement on ...

In a First, SpaceX Launches and Lands a Rocket at California Base

09 Oct, 2018

Californians from Los Angeles to Sacramento - about 270 miles (435 kilometers) from the launch site - also posted their confusion. It carries carries a high-resolution synthetic aperture radar to be used for emergency management and land monitoring, The Associated Press reported.

Rock used as doorstop is actually a meteorite worth $100K

08 Oct, 2018

Upon receiving the meteorite, Sirbescu evaluated it and discovered it was an iron-nickel meteorite, composed of 8 to 8.5 percent iron and 11.5 percent nickel. Professor Monaliza Sirbescu shows off a meteorite that's been in a Grand Rapids man's home for years. "A piece of the early solar system literally fell into our hands", Dr Sirbescu said in a video made by the university to promote its discovery.

Watch SpaceX's first West Coast ground landing at 10:21PM ET

08 Oct, 2018

The 3,500-lb. (1,600 kilograms) SAOCOM-1A satellite was developed by Argentina's national space agency, which is known by its Spanish acronym CONAE. The rocket plume is expected to be illuminated by the sun after the launch at 7:21 p.m. Saocom-1A has an L-band payload created to study soil moisture for agriculture, disaster monitoring and scientific research. SAOCOM 1, together with the Italian COSMO-SkyMed X-Band SAR constellation, make up the Italian-Argentine Satellite System for ...

Jewish Physicist Becomes Oldest Nobel Prize Winner

07 Oct, 2018

He's now working on ideas related to solar power, prompted by President Trump's decision to remove the US from the Paris climate accord. Mourou had been Strickland's PhD supervisor and said he was thrilled at the win. The economics victor in 2012, Lloyd Shapley, was 89. Recipients of prizes in the fields of chemistry and peace will be announced later this week.

Huge LNG Project in BC Given Final Approval by Shareholders

05 Oct, 2018

On Tuesday, the Royal Dutch Shell-led C$40 bn (US$32 bn) LNG Canada project announced that its project partners had reached a final investment decision (FID). LNG Canada has officially gotten the final approval from joint venture participants to move forward with the largest project in British Columbian history.

The Goblin: Newly discovered dwarf planet hints at expansion of solar system

05 Oct, 2018

The weird orbits of those worlds are consistent with the hypothesis that a distant planet larger than Earth, known as Planet Nine or Planet X, is exerting its gravitational influence. As of right now, we only know of a handful of these so-called "Trans-Neptunian Objects", those that live out beyond Neptune's orbit. It is one of the most distant bodies ever identified within the sun's gravitational range.

Astronomers discover distant planet billions of miles beyond Pluto

04 Oct, 2018

Yet over the past decade, scientists have argued Pluto should be reclassified as the ninth planet, especially as other outer orbit dwarf planets such as Sedna and 2012 VP113 have been discovered since the turn of the century. "Or, you never know, if we find more of these, maybe they'll stop pointing toward the planet". But, boasting a larger orbital semi-major axis, 2015 TG387 has the ability to travel farther away from the Sun, reaching a whopping 2,300 AU at its most extreme point.

Donna Strickland named first female Nobel laureate in physics in 55 years

04 Oct, 2018

Strickland is only the third woman in history to win the physics prize. Two of Tuesday's Nobel Prize winners enabled new studies of matter by allowing scientists to produce more powerful bursts of laser light, an official of the American Institute of Physics says.

Southerly Ocean Swell From Hurricane Rosa Expected to Produce Dangerous Surf

01 Oct, 2018

In Los Angeles and Orange counties, surf could build up to 8 feet high by late Saturday, and up to 10 feet on Sunday and Monday on beaches facing the south. Firefighters in the Phoenix area are reminding residents they can fill up sandbags for free at some area fire stations, CNN affiliate KPHO/KTVK reports.

Tropical Storm Kirk: Warnings Issued for Caribbean Islands

28 Sep, 2018

A tropical storm warning remains in effect for Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, while there is still a tropical storm watch for St Vincent and the Grenadines. Maximum sustained winds are near 60 miles per hour (95 km/h) with higher gusts. Because hurricane preparedness activities become hard once winds reach tropical storm force, the Warning is issued 36 hours in advance of the onset of tropical storm force winds .

Goodbye Kirk! - tropics settle down for the moment

27 Sep, 2018

A look at the Tropics on this September 24th has quite a bit of potential activity brewing in both the Atlantic and Pacific. Leslie does not pose a threat to Florida or the U.S. advisory. That transition should happen within the next 48 hours. Another area to watch continues to be an area of low pressure that will curve northeast near the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week.

Kirk regenerates into tropical storm, may dump inches of rain on BVI

27 Sep, 2018

However, NOAA advised swells from Rosa will pound southwestern Mexico and the southern Baja California Peninsula later on this week into the weekend. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone that has maximum sustained surface winds of 74 miles per hour or greater. "Although satellite data indicate that the system still lacks a closed circulation, this disturbance could still redevelop into a tropical cyclone during the next day or two before it moves into an area of highly unfavorable ...

Japan makes history, lands 2 rovers on an asteroid

26 Sep, 2018

Hayabusa2 arrived at Ryugu on June 28, 2018 after a almost four year journey . This is the first exploration of an asteroid by a rover. Since landing, the rovers have sent back photos and data. MINERVA-II1 is therefore "the world's first man-made object to explore movement on an asteroid surface". On the way and thanks to their many instruments (temperature sensors, optics, gyroscopes, accelerometers, seven cameras, etc.), each Minerva II will collect a series of data and images.

Fiction or reality? Thousands of spider webs cover this Greek town

23 Sep, 2018

They commonly build their webs near watery habitats and some species can even walk on water, as reported by Science Alert . "This phenomenon has arisen from a population explosion of this spider". "It's the ecosystem's natural reactions and once the temperatures begin to drop and the gnat populations die out, the spider populations will decrease as well".

President assures Eastern Carolina that "We're going take care of everybody"

23 Sep, 2018

With muddy river water still washing over entire communities on Friday, eight days after Hurricane Florence slammed into land with almost 3 feet of rain, new evacuation orders forced residents to flee to higher ground amid a sprawling disaster that's beginning to feel like it will never end.

Apple donating $1 million to support Hurricane Florence relief

23 Sep, 2018

TD will provide additional donations to support recovery efforts after impact assessments have been conducted to determine needs, according to a news release. The American red cross says at this point, more than 20,000 people have gone to more than 200 Red Cross shelters set up in the impacted region. Below we've posted some Q&A for folks who'd like to help.

Spider Sex Party Covers Greek Town With Huge Blankets Of Webs

23 Sep, 2018

The thick, fuzzy covering comes from Tetragnatha spiders , a type of spider that frequents tropical climates, as Maria Chatzaki, a biology professor at Greece's Democritus University of Thrace, told Newsit . Ms Chatzaki also pointed out that it is a relatively common phenomenon that occurs every couple of years . The coastal town's temperature, humidity, and abundance of mosquitoes create the ideal mating conditions for the spiders .

Flooding on tap for SC, a week after Florence

22 Sep, 2018

During a packed day, a wind-breaker-clad Trump visited both North and SC, distributed meals at a church, walked amid piles of sodden furniture in damaged neighborhoods, offered hugs and handshakes to residents and discussed the response efforts with local and state officials.

SpaceX to announce private moon flight passenger

21 Sep, 2018

The US company, SpaceX, has said Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire is its first customer. For an undisclosed sum, Maezawa chartered every ticket on the flight, which will take him and up to eight artists on a four- to five-day slingshot journey around the moon as soon as 2023 - the centerpiece to a project dubbed "Dear Moon".

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