Mars Closest to Earth in 15 Years Today

01 Aug, 2018

Hence, it will appear closest, brightest, biggest (from Telescope), Mr Kumar said. According to NASA , the Red Planet will be at a distance of 57.6 million kilometres. Mars is about to be the closest it's been to Earth since 2003, giving us Earthlings the best view of the Red Planet in 15 years. Transforming planets as a pre-cursor to colonisation is a staple of science fiction, and an aspiration for individuals including Elon Musk, whose company SpaceX uses images of terraforming ...

Here's How to Stream the Blood Moon

31 Jul, 2018

It should not be considered an invitation to satanic sex rituals of humans or horses . The so-called " blood moon ", when it turns a deep red, is visible at different times in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America when the sun, Earth and moon line up perfectly, casting Earth's shadow on the moon.

Ritual Dance By Bawku Residents Heralds Lunar Eclipse

29 Jul, 2018

Kenyans witnessed the rare occurrence by simply looking in the sky, with the only limitation being cloud cover in some parts of the country. Saturday's total lunar eclipse was the longest of this century. Tshwane residents hope for a cloudless night tonight for a clear view of the lunar eclipse. They perform cleansing ritual and pregnant women are not supposed to eat or do household work at the of lunar eclipse.

When, how and where to watch the total lunar eclipse in India

29 Jul, 2018

However, in North America can not be seen. This happens because the Sun , Earth and Moon are in flawless alignment during a lunar eclipse . The lunar eclipse will follow on the 27th and the eclipse season will end with another partial solar eclipse on August 11, which will also be visible here in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, this eclipse will start at 10:02:08 and end at 13:30:40.

Large Liquid Water Lake Just Discovered Beneath the Surface of Mars

28 Jul, 2018

For that matter, Orosei said , "this is just one small study area; it is an exciting prospect to think there could be more of these underground pockets of water elsewhere, yet to be discovered ". What they believe to be a lake sits beneath the Red Planet's south polar ice cap, and is about 20km across. Mars is famously rich in magnesium, calcium, and sodium which could have all dissolved into the water , forming a brine and dropping the freezing point of water much lower.

'Blood moon' on its way - with God of War in tow

27 Jul, 2018

Nigerians from every nook and cranny of this country can see one of the greatest astronomical spectacles of the 21st century tomorrow. The red variant of our only natural satellite will show its colours on Friday, turning from its normal friendly silver-grey, during the longest lunar eclipse of the 21 century.

Trump Administration Presses Plan to Ease Fuel-Economy Standards

26 Jul, 2018

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that he is "ready to use every legal tool at our disposal to protect the current vehicle emission standards". Messages seeking comment from OMB, NHTSA and the EPA were not immediately returned. The move would also eliminate California's ability to mandate the purchase of electric vehicles, Reuters reported.

'Game Changer': Scientists Say Liquid Water Found on Mars

26 Jul, 2018

All of that water is either locked up in solid form, however, or locked away in the distant past. Water on Mars is exciting but laws of planetary protection state that we can not send any craft from Earth near a potential site of life for fear of contamination.

Australia is getting a Blood Moon this weekend

26 Jul, 2018

The darkest part of Earth's shadow, the umbra, can be pictured as a cone extending from Earth in the opposite direction to the sun. A rare astronomical event set to take place this week could herald the "end of days", according to some who have been following the " blood moon " phenomenon, with a number of Evangelical leaders even linking the celestial event to the USA embassy move to Jerusalem.

New moons discovered around Jupiter

21 Jul, 2018

Measuring less than a mile in diameter, it's the smallest of Jupiter's known moons, and Sheppard describes it as an " oddball ". Of the dozen new moons discovered orbiting Jupiter (bringing the planet's total to a whopping 79), one really stands out.

Blue Origin to push New Shepard safety regime with ninth test

19 Jul, 2018

The high-altitude emergency abort test is created to figure out what may happen when there's a problem with the launch rocket, according to Engadget . It's part of a safety system meant to save lives once space tourists and others climb aboard for suborbital hops. "Anything could have happened today, and this is the best possible outcome", launch commentator Ariane Cornell said .

Sullivan meets Supreme Court nominee and says he’ll vote to confirm him

13 Jul, 2018

Remember: This is precisely what McConnell flagged for Trump as a potential problem with Kavanaugh's nomination: Never that he wasn't qualified , but that his extensive time in government service, and the documents that come with it, cannot only lead to possible surprises and also give Democrats grounds - legitimate or not - to delay consideration of the nomination.

Russian cargo ship delivers fuel, food for International Space Station

13 Jul, 2018

The total time from launch to docking was three hours and 40 minutes. The entire event since the launch of the unmanned spacecraft until docking aired live on NASA Television and the agency's website . Russian Cargo Ship Has Delivered a Fresh Load of Fuel, Food, and Other Supplies For the International Space Station. It was the third attempt to execute the short two-orbit flight scheme for the Progress MS freighter, which required a coordinated effort to realign the orbit of the ISS.Two ...

Shark bites Instagram model during Bahamas photo shoot

12 Jul, 2018

A photo she shared on Instagram showed the bite in action. Alright, so that might not quite be a universal experience, but it is, at the very least, one had by the highly unfortunate 19-year-old Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie . Katarina Zarutskie holds her arm above her head after being bitten by a nurse shark in the Bahamas . She did not swim with the sharks through a tour company or any organization that required payment, but, having grown up as a surfer in Southern ...

Beryl becomes first hurricane of season

11 Jul, 2018

Hurricane Beryl has strengthened quickly to become the first hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic season, though it's due to weaken before making landfall overnight Sunday in the Caribbean. Beryl is now expected to pass near Dominica and the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique early Monday as a tropical wave and then continue south of Puerto Rico.

Starbucks, citing ocean threat, is ditching plastic straws

10 Jul, 2018

Instead, its beverages will be capped with strawless lids - reminiscent of an " adult sippy cup " - or served with straws made from alternative materials "including paper or compostable plastic", according to a statement. "With 8 million metric tons of plastic entering the ocean every year, we can not afford to let industry sit on the sidelines, and we are grateful for Starbucks leadership in this space", Nicholas Mallos, director of Ocean Conservancys Trash Free Seas program, said in the ...

Starbucks Is Removing Plastic Straws From All Stores

10 Jul, 2018

Plastic straws will be phased out by 2020. It's a plastic strawless lid that will come to replace single-use plastic straws that now inundate its coffee shops. city to ban single-use plastic straws and cutlery in bars and restaurants. " By nature, the straw isn't recyclable and the lid is, so we feel this decision is more sustainable and more socially responsible ", said Starbucks' director of packaging sourcing Chris Milne.

Tropical Storm Chris to strengthen; Beryl weakens to remnants

09 Jul, 2018

The province is looking at some rocky weather later this week as tropical storm Chris makes it way from the Eastern United States. YABUCOA, Puerto Rico - The remnant of Tropical Storm Beryl rushed over Dominica but then dissipated, lessening the threat to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which had braced for heavy rains and strong winds less than a year after being battered by hurricanes.

Hurricane Beryl takes aim at eastern Caribbean

08 Jul, 2018

THE LATEST ON T.D.THREE: As of 5 p.m.Saturday, T.D. Three had maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. The Met Office assured the public however that the country is not under any tropical storm watch or warning. As far as the low-pressure system offshore, it has a 70-percent chance of cyclone development over the next two days, increasing the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms, according to a Friday morning National Hurricane Center weather outlook.

Rhino Embryos Made in Lab to Save Nearly Extinct Subspecies

08 Jul, 2018

The answer, The New York Times reports, may be in vitro fertilization . "Within three years we hope to have the first (northern white) rhino calf born ", said co-lead researcher Thomas Hildebrandt in Reuters. A team of scientists designed a hybrid embryo with the DNA of the almost extinct northern white rhino. It will then be planted into surrogate mothers (Southern White rhino), who are under heavy guard at the conservancy, the researchers said.

Pruitt was told to resign in call from White House

08 Jul, 2018

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday he accepted the resignation of Pruitt. Murray also suggested slashing the number of EPA staff in half . James Inhofe , an Oklahoma Republican who's a major climate change skeptic and who told CNN previous year the EPA is "brainwashing our kids". Markey vowed to fight against Wheeler and said, "The future of our public lands, our waterways and oceans and the very health of the entire planet rest on the continued action of all Americans to ...

Interim EPA chief called Trump a ‘bully’ during campaign

07 Jul, 2018

Pruitt's deputy, Andrew Wheeler , will start as acting administrator of the EPA on Monday. "We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright!" Twitter meme creator Darth tweeted with a picture of other Trump administration officials who have also resigned, including former Press Secretary Sean Spicer and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus .

Scott Pruitt resigns -- July 5, 2018 at 3:50 PM

06 Jul, 2018

Trump announced on Twitter that he had accepted Pruitt's resignation as EPA administrator, adding that EPA Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler will become the regulatory agency's acting chief on Monday. These are some of the most significant environmental protections Pruitt was in the process of eliminating - and which Wheeler could continue rolling back.

Pruitt asked Trump to replace Sessions with him, report says

06 Jul, 2018

Sarah Sanders was recently asked to leave a Virginia restaurant after the owner explained to the press secretary that "the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion, and cooperation". Trump says Deputy Director Andrew Wheeler will take over for Pruitt. A spokesman for Pruitt said that he had thanked Mink and left because he was finished eating.

Lions fatally maul poachers who broke into reserve to hunt rhinos

06 Jul, 2018

The remains of what appears to be three bodies were discovered on the Simbuya Game Reserve along with high power rifles owner Nick Fox said in a statement . Staff at the Sibuya Game Reserve, in Eastern Province, South Africa , called in a helicopter to search the area for more poachers. Nine rhinos have been killed with high-caliber hunting rifles at Eastern Cape reserves so far this year.

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